Applying to Colleges During a Pandemic

Colleges and universities across the state are adapting to make sure that students will continue learning at the highest level possible. There have been many uncertainties about returning to campus, online versus face-to-face classes, and other facets of the college experience. But one thing remains true: those that work hard and pursue their passions will have better career prospects with a degree.

As the pandemic changes the way we approach education, it’s important that you stay calm and focused on your college search. Here are a few tips to guide you through the application process in our new normal.

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for colleges. With colleges making changes to safely continue in-person classes this fall, opting for a blend of face-to-face and online, or determining other options, it’s important to remember that no plans are permanent. Your dream school may look a little different during your search, but it’s still your dream school!

Dig into your research. Don’t guess what admissions might be looking for in a student, get in touch with them and find out firsthand! These are unprecedented times, but they don’t control your application process. Take matters into your own hands by video chatting with admissions, taking virtual tours, researching schools in detail, and requesting additional resources.

Be flexible. There is no getting around it, colleges and universities must continue to evolve to keep students, staff, and faculty safe from the spread of Covid-19. Understand that flexibility is a two-way street. Students and schools must work together to improve higher education and create a sustainable learning environment for everyone.

Above all, don’t let uncertainties cloud your education goals. Know that you are only one application away from the school that’s right for you!

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