Internships: “Win-Win” for Students and Employers

Internships are increasingly becoming a staple on college graduates’ resumes – and for good reason.  They’re a “win-win” for both students and employers.  The career services offices at Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities are excellent resources for matching talented students with high-quality internship opportunities at top employers.


  • Gain practical experience that complements what you’ve learned in your coursework
  • Explore career fields that you are interested in pursuing
  • Learn from new mentors and grow your professional network
  • Build your resume and set yourself up for your first job after graduation


  • Equip potential future employees with the skills you need
  • Gain new perspectives and ideas
  • Grow partnerships with the career services professionals at colleges and universities to build your long-term talent pipeline
  • Connect with your local, regional, and statewide community

For more information on internships, visit WAICU Career Connect.

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