Private, Not Pricey

Dispelling Private College Myths - 96% of students receive financial aid. $5,500 is the average out-of-pocket tuition. 64% higher chance of graduating in four years.

Private colleges are often perceived as less affordable than public institutions. However, when looking at the facts, that’s often not the case. The average out-of-pocket tuition (the actual cost after financial aid) for Wisconsin private, nonprofit colleges and universities has been at or under $5,500 for nine years in a row. In fact, 87% of undergraduates attending our private colleges receive grant aid, compared to only 45% of undergrads at four-year public institutions in Wisconsin.

Unlike student loans, grants and scholarships don’t need to be paid back, and 78% of aid given to students at our private colleges falls into those categories. The proportion of grants to loans is an important factor to keep in mind when evaluating financial aid offers.

Also, keep in mind that an extra year of college is an extra cost.  Students’ chances of graduating in four years are 64% higher at our colleges than at four-year public institutions in Wisconsin.  Graduating on time means that students save on the cost of college and are ready to begin earning money in their careers sooner.

Our colleges take affordability seriously and want students and their parents to be able to afford the higher education path that is the best fit for the student. Are you ready to take the next step in exploring colleges? If so, schedule your visit today!

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