Getting Ready for a Campus Tour – A Student’s Guide

Two female students on college tour

Visiting a college campus gives you a better idea of what a school has to offer. You get a first-hand glance of what an average day on campus looks like. During the visit, you will learn a lot about the college, but it can also be a lot to take in. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead for your visit and think about these things:

  • What you did and didn’t like about the college.
  • Will their meal plans fit your needs?
  • How are the dorms set up? What amenities are offered?
    • Laundry, kitchen, resident advisor
  • How do you register for classes?
  • What kind of extracurricular activities are offered?
  • What are the values and beliefs of the college?
  • What makes the campus unique?
  • What is the quality of student life?
  • What kind of materials do I need to be prepared for school?
  • Where do I find financial aid resources?
  • What resources are provided to incoming freshmen?

Prior to your campus visit, make a list of questions that you have. Tour guides are experts in campus knowledge, and they will be able to give you answers or direct you to someone who can. Taking notes and pictures during the tour can help you remember what stood out to you. By making the most of your campus visit, you’ll be one step closer to picking the school of your dreams!

After downloading your guide, don’t forget to register to visit college campuses during Wisconsin Private College Week by visiting:

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