Parent’s Guide to College Tours

WAICU-18_007C-Parent's Guide ImageA college tour can be exhilarating for a high school student, but it can also be overwhelming and they may forget to ask some important questions. Students may be more curious about the programs offered, social clubs on campus, or what the dorms and food are like, whereas parents may be more concerned about financial aid, safety, and academic and career services.

It can also be common for parents to be unsure of what their role is in a college tour, which can result in unanswered questions and concerns. Whether this is your first time going on a college tour or your third, it’s a good idea to be prepared.

In our Parent’s Guide to College Tours you will find helpful tips for:

  • How to prepare before the tour.
  • What to do during the tour and questions to ask.
  • Actions to take after the tour.

Although this is titled “Parent’s Guide” for simplicity, we understand that a student’s support system can be a grandparent, family friend or guardian. This guide will help take away any stress and help you to feel prepared to guide your student through selecting the right college or university for them. Just remember, while your guidance is very important, this is ultimately the student’s decision.

After downloading your guide, don’t forget to register to visit college campuses during Wisconsin Private College Week by visiting:

Download your own Parent’s Guide To College Tours here.

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