Future nurse thrives at Bellin College

Kelsey Tavs

Kelsey Tavs is a senior in Bellin College’s traditional nursing program and will graduate in May 2018. She is from the small town of Waupun, Wisconsin and chose to attend Bellin College to follow in the footsteps of her older sister who graduated in 2001. Kelsey
knew from her first encounter with Bellin College that it was the place she was meant to receive her education.

“The small, family-like environment is priceless,” said Kelsey. “My classmates are my forever friends and the faculty members, who know me personally, have been positive influences whom I will always appreciate and remember.”

Kelsey has taken advantage of every opportunity she has been given to become a leader and grow as a person and future nurse. She founded and serves as the student leader of the InterVarsity chapter. In addition, she is secretary of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a member of the Bellin College Love Your Melon campus crew, a class representative for Bellin Student Nurses Association, and a student ambassador for the College. She has achieved success in academics and is heavily involved in student organizations, however after graduation, Kelsey would most like to be remembered as a student who poured her heart into everything she did and treated everyone with kindness.

Kelsey is one of the students selected to travel to Guatemala for a 10-day medical mission trip in January. As much as she hopes to provide for these people, she knows she will be the one who comes back changed. Kelsey describes the student body at Bellin College as being, “a community of students who are striving towards the same goals and are prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation.” She said, “Walking into this school makes me feel a sense of pride and belonging, which is what receiving an education should feel like.”

After graduation, Kelsey hopes to land a nursing position that allows her to implement everything she has learned and to build upon the personal values she has established at Bellin College. “I expect nursing to be both challenging and rewarding. I’m ready to take on this challenge to reap the rewards, even if they seem small. Who knows? Maybe I will return to college at some point in life to serve on the other side of education – teaching students how to become the best nurses they can be,” Kelsey said.

“The support I have received through financial aid, including grants and scholarships, has supported my dream to become a successful healthcare professional. My education at Bellin College will enable me to leave here with integrity, ready to invest in the community, and ready to provide patient-specific care. These contributions are critical investments in the future of healthcare. Before you know it, each graduate from Bellin College will be on the front lines of patient care, advocating for patients and putting our knowledge to the test. I assure you that Bellin College grads will be ready to deliver.”

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