Meet the ‘Science Sisters’: Friends encourage one another through thick and thin (and organic chemistry)

Science Sisters

The biology seniors who call themselves the “Science Sisters” at Mount Mary University are building something important in themselves and in one another. They are building a bond that will have personal and professional impact long after graduation.

Chaunsi Amey, Erica Marion, and Termeria Taper say they have weathered the ups and downs of college together. These three and one other Mount Mary biology student comprise the Science Sisters.

Chaunsi, Erica, and Termeria are recipients of the Wisconsin Grant, the state’s need-based aid program for Wisconsin students attending Wisconsin colleges and universities. The Wisconsin Grant funding, combined with other sources of financial aid, played a role in enabling them to pursue their college education at Mount Mary, where they have established meaningful connections.

“We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses; we all want to see each other be successful,” said Erica. Coming to morning class at the end of her third shift job has been brutal, she said, and there were times that she thought of giving up. But her sisters helped her through. They are set to graduate in May. Along the way they have encouraged one another to apply for research-based internships and shouldered through classes like organic chemistry and genetics.

While this friendship arose spontaneously, there is growing evidence nationally that team building within students’ professional discipline results in greater success in retention and completion rates, particularly among minority students.

“Being together motivates and unifies us more,” said Erica. “We hold each other together.”

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