Future business leader flourishes at WLC

David Wilson - Wisconsin Lutheran College

David Wilson is a sophomore at Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) majoring in business administration with an emphasis in finance and marketing. David, from Pardeeville, Wisconsin, credits the Wisconsin Grant as a key factor in his ability to afford his
college education. He said, “I am in a financial position where every bit of supplemental aid makes all the difference, which is why I am so thankful to be a recipient of the Wisconsin Grant. Through the grant and other resources, including support from the college itself, I am able to finance the education that is pushing me to reach my highest potential as a student, a member of the community, and as a citizen of Wisconsin.”

David, a graduate of Lakeside Lutheran High School in Lake Mills, elected to attend WLC because he saw an opportunity for his outgoing personality to flourish on a small campus. He is very active in the WLC campus community, serving on the Student Senate and as an Ambassador Club tour guide. He is a member of the college choir, chamber choir, Improv Troupe, and Standard Operating Procedure, a men’s a cappella group.

He said, “whether it be playing frisbee in the Quad, doing homework with friends, or going to choir practice, I am always up to something. I have seen myself grow as a person. I’ve been given opportunities to step into leadership positions and gain valuable experience.”

He already has experience working with an area business. “I was fortunate enough to start an internship with mkCellular a month after arriving on campus,” David said. “WLC put me in contact with them, and it has been a great experience ever since. This internship has allowed me to learn the ins and outs of a successful business. The skills gained here will help me to be successful in my future endeavors.”

David acknowledges that the relationships he has developed at WLC, along with the support system of faculty, friends, and pastors, are helping him reach his goals. It was the potential for these relationships that drew him to WLC. He said, “I came from a small high school and appreciated the close community and relationships I developed there, and I wanted that to carry over to college. I also chose WLC based on the values the campus adheres to as it develops respected, ethical, and hard-working graduates.”

The Wisconsin Grant enables David to attend Wisconsin Lutheran College. Upon graduation, he wants to harness his entrepreneurial spirit and start his own tech company. David believes WLC is preparing him for that moment and stated, “I feel that my education will have shaped me with good values and a strong work ethic to make not only me, but those I lead, excel at what we do!”

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