Don’t get overwhelmed. Start with us. Visit during Wisconsin Private College Week.


Visiting prospective campuses before a student makes his or her final college decision is crucial. It’s also a smart way to jump-start the college selection process. There is no better way for students to create a personally-focused list of potential college matches and feel informed and empowered to make this important decision.

There are approximately 5,300 institutes of higher education in the U.S.[1] Although we generally embrace options, for students facing their first big life decision, all of these choices can be overwhelming. When students set foot on campus, speak with professors, and meet current students, they have the opportunity to fully engage and build knowledge of what feels right.

At Wisconsin Private College Week, we know how to help our prospective students confidently jump-start their college selection process. We know how valuable campus visits are—what to see and who to speak with—and we invest a lot of time and thought into organizing a strategic, efficient, and personalized event.

The 21st annual Wisconsin Private College Week will be held July 10-15, 2017. During this week prospective students and their families can travel to any number of private colleges. From Beloit to Madison, Kenosha to Milwaukee, Oshkosh to La Crosse and all the way up to Ashland on the shores of Lake Superior, we invite everyone to tour any of our beautiful campuses.

Attending families participate in student-guided tours, informational sessions, and financial aid discussions. Prospective students have the opportunity to visit the residence halls and eat in the dining halls. There is even a chance to win a new iPad (more information on the drawing when you register here)!

Register today to participate in the Wisconsin Private College Week and find your best fit within Wisconsin. (Return to this blog to read the next post and learn “How to prepare and get the most out of each college visit.”)

[1] According to the Washington Post, June 2015

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