Find your college fit with the program you’re seeking

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Students who find their best fit at a college or university that is equally nurturing and challenging—with sage guidance and high caliber academics—love what they study and become well equipped for their future careers.

This is not to suggest that successful students arrive on campus ready to choose a major. College is a rite of passage. It’s a time when children become adults, and young adults learn to make decisions. It’s also a time when advisors and mentors are crucial.

At Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities, we are committed to providing the personal attention each student needs to wisely choose the best course of study and navigate through that study over four years. Because the student/faculty ratio is 12:1, advisors truly know and honestly guide their advisees.

While many of our colleges and universities are smaller sized institutions, they offer an impressive array of programs from education to theology, music to medicine, and business to engineering. On our website there is an advanced search tool to help prospective students determine where specific programs are offered.

Our graduates impact Wisconsin.

In terms of educational productivity, we produce more than 13,800 graduates each year. Of course we produce liberal arts graduates, but did you know of all the undergraduate degrees conferred across the state, we produce 29% of the business degrees, 31% of the engineering graduates, and 52% of the nursing graduates?

Furthermore, our graduate programs produce 46% of the state’s business degrees, 55% of the physician assistant degrees, 73% of the nursing degrees, 58% of the medical doctor degrees, 52% of the teacher education degrees, and 100% of the dentistry degrees.

The most important decision—after selecting a college—is choosing a course of study. The students who find their fit at one of Wisconsin’s 24 private nonprofit colleges and universities love what they study and make the most out of their degrees.


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