Alverno College sophomore dedicated to helping others

Lexi Dittrich WI Grant

Lexi Dittrich isn’t sure what her life will be like in five years or 10 years, but she does know that it will involve helping others.

“I don’t know what that will look like. It might be work in government or global advocacy. But I want to help people to have richer, better lives,” said Lexi of Oconomowoc.

The sophomore is studying communications at Alverno College, a Milwaukee college that attracted her while she was still in high school because of its personalized learning style and its small class sizes.

In addition to a Wisconsin Grant, Lexi received the Vanguard Scholarship, Alverno’s top merit scholarship. She also is a Doherty Scholar, which is a learning community for students with potential for strong scholarly accomplishment, the ability to collaborate, and an understanding of oneself as a learner.

“Alverno fit everything I wanted. It’s an inviting community that’s rich in culture and has a focus on service,” she said. It’s her passion for others that drives her. And it’s likely a value instilled in her by her number one role model, her mom.

Lexi’s family members face life with several health issues. Her brother has severe hemophilia, and her sister has several health issues, including Asperger syndrome and a sensory processing disorder. Lexi, herself, has a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse, which isn’t life-threatening, but it has inspired her to focus on good nutrition and exercise.

Her mom, Barb Dittrich, founded a faith-based nonprofit organization called Snappin’ Ministries, which provides support and encouragement to parents of children with special needs. “She has been through so much hardship but continues to focus on helping others and our family. She has strength, courage, and resilience,” Lexi said. “She inspires me to be my best.”

That focus on others might even be combined one day with her love of Japan. Her childhood fascination with Japanese anime has evolved into a love of the Japanese language and culture. She spends much of her free time with Alverno’s international students from Japan, absorbing as much knowledge of the country as she can. And she plans to study abroad there, starting in the fall of 2017.

When she is not studying and practicing her Japanese, Lexi is an avid sewer and enjoys learning hip hop dances. She works in the Alverno Library and is involved with Alverno’s Team Green, a student group that educates fellow students about how to be eco-friendly. She also is civically engaged and is an election worker.

No matter where she ends up in five or 10 years from now, Lexi is always open to new adventures and the possibilities they may hold. “I want to leave as many doors open right now as possible,” she said.

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