Future teacher enjoys flexibility and personal attention at WLC


Nicole Stahmann graduated in 2013 from Laconia High School in Rosendale and enrolled at Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC). Her college decision was based on three factors: she wanted to experience a private college education, study in an environment where faith and academics seamlessly meshed, and explore the distinct advantages and reputation of WLC’s School of Teacher Education.

“The amount of time I have been able to spend directly in elementary school classrooms around Milwaukee gaining teaching experience makes me feel much more prepared for my future classroom and has also provided me with invaluable networking opportunities,” said Nicole.

Nicole is pursuing a double major in elementary education and Spanish with a minor in English, and is part of WLC’s Honors Program. Nicole said, “my faculty advisors, professors, the registrar, and countless other individuals have put a lot of personal effort into making my four-year plan work out. I really don’t think that this would have been possible at many other institutions.”

She credits the alternative curriculum of the Honors Program with providing her the flexibility of having a double major and a minor, while benefiting from WLC’s four year guarantee. But her passion for the Honors Program is not limited to its flexibility: “I enjoy the discussion-centric lessons and generally have a love for English and literature,” said Nicole. “Having the opportunity to study a number of the great classic works of literature throughout my years in the Honors Program has been an excellent experience.”

Regarding the liberal arts coursework that WLC provides, Nicole noted, “I truly appreciate the number of classes that encourage me to utilize and refine my critical thinking skills, which will help me in all aspects of my life after college.” The Wisconsin Grant bolstered Nicole’s financial aid package, allowing her dream of attending WLC to become a reality. Nicole emphasized that she would not have been able to select Wisconsin Lutheran College were it not for the financial assistance she received.

“WLC has had a huge impact on my future career path and goals, my social and academic pursuits, and who I am as an overall person,” she said. “I cannot express enough how thankful I am for all of the scholarships and aid – including the Wisconsin Grant – that helped make my higher education experience at WLC possible.”

When asked what she likes most about her time at WLC, Nicole said, “having opportunities for fellowship each day with my classmates and with the faculty is a very powerful experience, as is tackling challenging moral, educational, and social issues from a Christian perspective.”

She concluded, “the staff is helpful, the professors are incredibly patient and willing to work one-to-one with students to help them to succeed, and so many of the students just really want to make a positive difference in the world. It’s great to see servant leadership in action!”

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