College application tips from admissions reps

Who knows more about the college application process than admissions representatives? We’ve gathered some advice straight from the admissions staff at Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges to help you make your applications shine.students-in-fall

Apply early

It pays to apply early because of all the unique scholarships we have to offer, and because you can now complete your FAFSA earlier.

-Jake Heinemeyer, Admissions Advisor, Lakeland University

Many private colleges/universities have direct admission options to programs including physical therapy and nursing. The spots fill quickly – apply early for full consideration.

Kelly Heiman, Director of Admissions, Carroll University

Submit your application materials as soon as possible, so you don’t miss out on great scholarship opportunities!

-Jocelyn Rondin, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, Mount Mary University

Make your essay stand out

When writing your personal statements and essays, don’t just say what you think we want to hear. This is your opportunity to express your voice, personality, and passions, and our opportunity to get to know you on a personal level.

-Erika Riebe, Admissions Counselor, Northland College

On your college application, we only see the numbers on your transcripts and test scores. If you want us to see more than that, provide a personal statement and/or letters of recommendation.

-Myriah Borofka, Admission Counselor, Viterbo University

Put your best foot forward

Take your ACT more than once!

-Erika Riebe, Admissions Counselor, Northland College

Brag about yourself! We want to get to know you and understand what makes you, you.

-Eliza Stephenson, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Ripon College

We have a rolling admission process, so please send in improvements in your ACT score or transcript.

Karah Reid, Admission Counselor, Cardinal Stritch University

Use our application checklists since our assessment begins with reviewing the first, early contacts.

Kathleen McKenzie, Admissions Counselor, Bellin College

Don’t be shy

Don’t stress! We are all human, even those of us reviewing college applications. No question is too small or insignificant to ask. If you think of a question, email or call the admissions office.

Rob Schiferl, Jr., Director of Admissions, Carthage College

When we call you, call us back. We have something to talk to you about.

-Joe Hennen, Admissions Counselor, Wisconsin Lutheran College

Be sure to communicate closely with the admissions department as they are there to help with the next steps and provide opportunities such as upcoming scholarship competitions, housing preferences, etc.

Karah Reid, Admission Counselor, Cardinal Stritch University

Your admissions counselor wants to help. If there is a question you have about the application process, please ask!

-Margaret Wolfgram, Admissions Counselor, Silver Lake College

And before you decide where to attend. . .

Don’t get pulled in to applying to colleges just because of where your friends are applying. Figure out your own criteria for college and apply accordingly.

-Katie Ourada, Assistant Director of Admission, St. Norbert College

Visit as many campuses as you can. Often, your gut will tell you where you belong. If you feel good when you are on campus, you will likely be successful as an enrolled student.

-Julie Salentine, Senior Admissions Counselor and Athletic Admissions Coordinator, Alverno College

Explore majors and programs of study but make sure that the college you choose, and the community it is in and creates “feels right,” because it will be your home for the next four years!

-Zachary Zeeryp, Admissions Counselor, Edgewood College

Focus on that personal, academic, and financial fit instead of which college is the most prestigious. Figure out, as best you can, where you will succeed in those areas and prosper. Know that as admissions counselors, we are your advocates throughout the process.

Kate Doucette, Admissions Counselor, Marquette University

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