Academic reputation matters. We couldn’t be prouder of ours.

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When 201,818 students from 279 U.S. colleges and universities across the country were asked to rank the factors in their college selection, 62% of the students cited the academic reputation of their college as the most important influence in where they ultimately matriculated. [1]

Wisconsin’s 24 private nonprofit colleges and universities are all unique, nationally recognized, and primarily invested in offering the highest caliber of academics.

High-achieving Professors

Our professors are experts in their respective fields and dedicated to teaching and interacting with their students. We support every opportunity our professors have to study, research, and publish because they serve as the models of mature curiosity, astute critical thinking, and lifelong learning within our academic communities. However, teaching and interacting with students is always a priority.

Intimate Class Size

Our classrooms are intimate. The average class size is 16 students. We know authentic academic communities thrive on lively discussion, personal interaction and teamwork, as well as experiential experimentation. We believe it’s important to gain knowledge while questioning and to continuously practice in a safe place. Our classrooms and laboratories provide this space. We proudly watch and listen as the discussions spill out into the informal areas of the academic campuses, like dining halls and rec centers. That’s the sign of true and thriving academics.

Study Abroad Programs and Internships

What is knowledge, however, without practical application? Opportunities to study abroad and to intern are a crucial element of the true academic experience. They are greatly valued outside of academia as well. According to a recent report, 94% of employers prefer to hire college graduates with internship and experiential application experience. [2] We are committed to providing the best-fit study abroad and internship opportunities for each student to practice their skills, test their knowledge, broaden their horizons, and gain a sharp edge in the employment market.

After learning alongside our renowned faculty within intimate academic communities and through real-world experience, the students we graduate demonstrate proficiency in skills specific to their chosen courses of study. Perhaps more importantly, they also wield knowledge about our society and how to think, maneuver, and interact conscientiously within that society.

It’s all about finding your fit. The students who find their fit at one of Wisconsin’s 24 private nonprofit colleges and universities graduate ready to take on the world in their own unique way. We love how this journalist put it: “. . . college serves up the most awesome smorgasbord of ideas and creativity, adventures and friendships that you will encounter in your lifetime.” [3]

We couldn’t be prouder of our academics, our academic reputation, and the individuals—both faculty and students—who are the heart of our 24 thriving learning communities.

Learn more about our 24 institutions by attending Private College Week July 11-16, 2016.



[2] Association of American Colleges & Universities

[3] Matt Wuerker, Political Cartoonist, Politico


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