Curiosity paves the way to success for MSOE student


Growing up in Marathon, Collin Seubert’s grandfather gave him the nickname “The Why Kid.” Collin would follow his parents and grandparents around constantly asking “why.” To this day, he is still motivated by his curiosity. “I have always been a curious person and challenged why things are the way they are,” he said. “That curiosity paired with the belief that anyone can do just about anything in this world is pretty exciting.”

Collin considered a number of colleges throughout the Midwest, and he received athletic scholarship offers. However, after touring the schools and comparing academics and the campus environment, he chose the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). He credits the Wisconsin Grant, along with assistance from other scholarships and grants at MSOE, for being able to attend the university. “Being a private institution, MSOE was able to provide more in financial aid than any of the public schools I applied to. Most young people dream of receiving a scholarship someday, but it really was a no brainer to come to MSOE. I am grateful daily for the decision I made.”

Collin also didn’t have to sacrifice athletics for academics. He is a valued player on the MSOE basketball team and is having a record-setting season. He also is involved in several student organizations. He is the founder and president of the MSOE Entrepreneur and Leadership Club, activity coordinator for the Institute of Industrial Engineers, co-chair of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and vice president and co-treasurer of the MSOE Investment Club. In addition, he also attends weekly Bible study groups with Intervarsity and works in MSOE’s Admissions Office.

The demand of being a student athlete has helped Collin generate great time management skills. He sees having less time as more of a blessing than a curse. “Rather than wasting time, I know that I have to get my homework done or get more shots up in order to succeed. Being a student athlete and being involved on campus allows me to remain focused and get things done well before they are due.”

Though he is only a junior, the industrial engineering major has had two internships. He was an engineering intern at CTECH Manufacturing in Weston, and an intern in Schofield at Merrill Iron and Steel’s project management and operations department. “I was able to utilize various industrial engineering skills I learned in the classroom and apply them to the real world.”

After college, Collin plans on working in industry to learn more about real world applications. “A technical/engineering sales position would be ideal because I love both the technical and social aspects of organizations,” he said. “Engineers who work in sales generally have an edge because they understand the technicalities behind the product they are selling.” Later in his career, he would like to stretch his entrepreneurial wings and create his own startup organization. “I love the thrill of doing something on my own and putting my name on something new.”

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